About Us


Parlez Speech-language Therapy is owned and run by Meryl Jones. Meryl is a qualified speech-language therapist with over 25 years’ experience. Although Meryl trained in the UK, she has been working in New Zealand for the past 19 years in a range of healthcare settings.

Meryl has been working in private practice since December 2006 and she has a wealth of experience working with people who have various types of communication and swallowing difficulty.

Meryl has specialised primarily in the treatment of adult acquired communication and swallowing disorders, including voice therapy. However, she also has experience in paediatric speech-language therapy and in recent years has developed expertise in accent coaching. Meryl has also in the past worked as an assessment and rehabilitation provider for ACC.

Meryl is a member of the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists Association (NZSTA).

Meryl is a certified clinician for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) – a highly evidence-based intensive speech treatment, designed initially for people with Parkinson's Disease. This treatment is now being successfully utilised for a wider range of client groups.

Parlez Speech-language Therapy is based in Dunedin but can also see clients in rural Otago and Southland.