Accent coaching

For speakers of English as a second language.

Parlez SLT can offer help for immigrants who wish to improve the clarity of their English pronunciation. We aim to promote easily understandable, naturalistic sounding English.

We do not seek to totally eradicate a person's accent. This would be both unrealistic and unacceptable as a person’s accent is an important part of their identity.

Working on reducing a strong accent can improve career prospects, social participation and acceptance within your new community.

Although we do not offer formal ESOL tuition, we can also advise on other aspects of communication relating to speaking English as a second language. For example, appropriate use of vocabulary and grammar for different social contexts, appropriate use of non-verbal aspects of communication such as eye contact and body language.

We offer personalised individual tuition. However, if you have other family members, friends or colleagues who speak the same first language, small group work can be offered, at a discounted rate.

What does accent coaching involved?

We will discuss your accent issues as you perceive them and your goals for coaching. We will carry out sampling of your accent, both informally and more formally using an accent screen. This includes audio recording for analysis. A detailed analysis of your speech sample will be carried out after the session and I will meet with you again to discuss recommended aspects to target.

Coaching sessions generally involve working on specific speech sounds. We may also include work on stress patterns in words and in sentences. Sometimes people need help in achieving the correct ‘melody’ for English. We work from achieving accuracy in single words through to sentences and everyday conversational speech.