Language issues

Parlez SLT can help people who have acquired difficulties with language for example due to stroke or brain injury, including:

  • Difficulties with understanding what they hear or read.
  • Difficulties expressing themselves verbally, e.g. trouble thinking of words or pronouncing them clearly.
  • Communication difficulties arising from cognitive changes e.g. following brain injury.

What does this involve?

To work out the appropriate type of therapy we will need to have a detailed talk to you about your goals and carry out assessments of your language skills, both in the form of informal and formal assessments.

Aspects we need to look at may include word retrieval, grammar (i.e. your ability to put sentences together), your ability to understand what you hear and read, your spelling ability and very importantly, your current functional communication ability.

Therapy generally consists of a combination of work on the impairments identified, on maximising the communication strengths you have and utilising appropriate compensatory communication strategies. This can include advising you on assistive technology to support your spoken communication. All of this is aimed at achieving the communication goals that have been agreed.