Swallowing difficulties

How can we help?

Parlez SLT can carry out a detailed assessment of your swallowing ability and advise you on ways you can eat and drink safely. We balance this with other issues that may matter to you, for example, meeting your nutritional needs and continuing to enjoy eating and drinking. We have extensive training and experience in the assessment and management of swallowing difficulties.

For certain types of swallowing difficulty, we can also advise on swallowing rehabilitation techniques.

Parlez SLT can also offer dysphagia training for staff in care establishments.

What is involved in swallowing assessment/intervention?

We take a detailed history of your concerns and discuss the goals you wish to achieve.

We will need to assess how well the muscles in your mouth and throat are working and observe you eating and drinking a range of food and fluid textures. We can then advise you as appropriate. In some cases, you may require further instrumental swallowing assessment through the public health system to give a more accurate and detailed information.