Voice coaching

Parlez SLT can offer individualised voice coaching to help you with:

  • Voice coaching to support your gender identity.
  • Voice problems, e.g. hoarse, strained, weak voice.
  • Voice projection, e.g. if you have trouble projecting your voice or doing so causes discomfort and vocal fatigue.

What does voice coaching involve?

Assessment involves taking a detailed case history, discussion of your goals, baseline assessment of your current voice (this includes audio recording) and trialling of appropriate voice techniques.

We will educate you about how your voice works and ways to look after it.

Voice coaching includes helping you to achieve your target voice in a graduated manner, with the eventual aim of carrying over your target voice to your everyday speech. The number of sessions needed varies greatly according to the type of issue you are seeking help for, but an initial therapy package of eight sessions is usually sufficient to give you a good idea of progress.

For transgender work, coaching also includes consideration of non-voice aspects of communication relating to gender, for example, vocabulary and body language.