"I had great help with pronunciation of certain tricky sounds. Also, I found it comforting to learn about the types of speech/pronunciation mistakes I habitually make and that all of them can be corrected by simple exercises." Native Russian speaker. Started to learn English after 30.

"Having speech lessons with Meryl made me much more confident in my speech and not only myself but family and friend have realised that my speech is much more fluent, and I no longer need to avoid certain situations, where I previously would have." Anonymous, Dunedin, Stutter.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Meryl for her assistance with my accent reduction. Meryl's experience, patience and friendly personality made my journey much easier. I would highly recommend Meryl to anyone seeking help with accent reduction." Irina.

"We went to Meryl, on the recommendation of a friend, to ask for her assistance in the correction of our 9 year old son’s lisp. We had been expecting this to self-correct and Mac had been unconcerned about it. However after a couple of instances of teasing we all decided some professional intervention was indicated.

Meryl established an immediate rapport with Mac and he was at ease with her from the first appointment, despite him having been a little nervous about attending. The sessions were fun and relaxed, and he enjoyed and looked forward to every one of them. Meryl empowered Mac with an understanding around the mechanics of speaking with and without a lisp. As the sessions proceeded, she gave him insights into the times and circumstances in which he was lapsing and techniques to help him monitor and respond to those lapses. She provided him with a personalised, responsive homework routine at every session. Mac was provided with constant feedback about his progress in the most affirming and encouraging of ways.

Mac made rapid progress and after 4 months was speaking without a lisp most of the time, and consequently finished sessions. He was quite sad about it as he had enjoyed the appointments so much. We were made to feel we could approach Meryl at any time for advice or to arrange further appointments, however this proved unnecessary. One year on, Mac has been speaking completely without a lisp for the last 10 months. He has enjoyed being able to revert occasionally to his lisp but said recently he is actually finding that quite difficult now!

The entire experience was extremely positive for Mac, and for us as his parents. In addition to correcting his lisp, Mac gained all the benefits of setting, working towards and achieving a goal, and all the confidence that gives.

Meryl is obviously a very experienced and skilful speech therapist but she is also so completely affirming, enthusiastic and respectful and we believe that it is this rare combination that makes her so successful in her profession.

We are extremely grateful to Meryl and could not recommend her more highly." Bernadette, Mac’s mother. Dunedin.

"English is my second language. It was difficult to get my lecture understandable to native students. Meryl helped me to improve my pronunciation. I also worked with her before my presentation, which was very helpful to enhance the clarity of my oral presentation."